Tuesday, July 5, 2011


So, the studio has transformed once again from a storage spot for old furniture into a studio once again. There's a small sunroom off to the side of it which I was going to use for encaustic, but it has turned into my four year old's studio! She loves being in there, working away on her paintings. What I love about watching her paint or draw is that she becomes so engrossed in the process of making, and watches with fascination how the marks come out of the other end of the pencil/crayon/paintbrush. She has no concern about the final product. This is exactly the state I am trying to achieve that I mentioned in my first post! On the first day of teaching a first year drawing class, I tell my students to pretend that they are in kindergarten again. To let go of any expectations and become thoroughly engaged in the magic of making. They have a really great time!
Anyway, this sun room has also become a little office for me. Now that I have a new job of Assistant Professor, I need space to do curriculum planning, grading, etc.
So that was my day in the studio: organizing that. Funny how one can spend an entire day in the studio yet no painting has happened!

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a painting from my last show at Loop Gallery.